Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Readings

  • Must read: California notice of defaults and foreclosures skyrocketing (Dr Housing Bubble)
  • Canada decries "rising tide" of US protectionism (Reuters)
  • Ahmadinejad re-elected; protests flare; JPM can not gun SPY as market closed (NYT)
  • North Korea to "weaponize" plutonium; JPM can not... ditto (NYT)
  • $1 Billion + REIT Crescent Resources files for Bankruptcy, FYI Merrill Lynch (Charlotte Journal hat tip Mike)
  • Why GM's Bankruptcy may be good for Sirius XM (SiriusBuzz)
  • China's economy in turmoil: Bubbles in a downturn (ChinaStakes hat tip M)
  • Delta to "dispose" of former Northwest Airlines 264,000 sq. foot HQ (Business Journal)
  • In depth perspectives on taxation (Rubinontax hat tip Joe)
  • Bidding war for bankrupt Filene's (NYT)
  • How brilliantly run is Freddie Mac? (Bronte Capital)
  • Deflation vs. Inflation (Sudden Debt)
  • Shop till you drop (Utterlycorrelated hat tip Phil)
  • As to to what they speak in Ireland... (Strange Maps)
  • More CDS-hate from Soros (Reuters)
  • One Trillion Dollars (hat tip SB)
  • Dedicated Reader (You Tube, and yes Tyler Durden is one person)
  • Michael Lewis: The End of Wall Street:

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