Thursday, June 11, 2009

Federal Reserve Transparency Petition Update: Success

We are happy to announce that the HR 1207 "Audit The Fed" Bill is now one large step closer to reality, having garnered the necessary 218 co-sponsors to ensure passage. It has, in fact, 222 co-sponsors as of today and more are appearing by the hour. Please click here for the official press release.

Many thanks to all readers who directly and indirectly helped: as recently as a month ago people said this initiative was a waste of time. This is indeed a big victory for the grass roots freedom and transparency movement. Next up: seeing the bill through a committee process and getting it to the House floor for a vote, culminating in a transparent and auditable Federal Reserve.

In other news DJ Marla is excited to take the helm of Radio Zero (Hedge) again for the "Paper Street Bearer Bond Ninja Smugglers Wanted" charity. Click here to enjoy.
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