Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frontrunning: June 10

  • Russia to swap Treasuries into IMF debt (Bloomberg)
  • Citigroup exchange offer at the beginning of the end, just a few more months of 120% borrow rates (Bloomberg and WSJ)
  • Fiat to close Chrysler deal, shares rise [supreme court justices don't mind fueling a bubble] (Reuters)
  • Trade deficit swells - nobody is trading any more, market is reflating itself in a vacuum (Bloomberg)
  • Miller Tabak: Inflation-Deflation (Big Picture)
  • New York Times hires Goldman Sachs to sell Boston Globe (Boston Globe)
  • John Paulson to invest $100 million in CBRE (WSJ)
  • Oakland, CA ponders bankruptcy (Mish)
  • Consequences have started to arrive (Delta Global)
  • Consumers to enjoy high unemployment, low wages, high mortgages and $3+ gas: market luvin' it (FT)
  • For US, a sea of perilous red ink, years in the making (NYT)
  • TARP payback won't help consumers (Fortune)
  • "Fear, Hope and Greed" (Raymond James)
  • More on the TARP repayment (Credit Writedowns)
  • Response to the market failure drones (Mises Institute)
  • The CFO's cash dilemma (PIMCO)
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