Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frontrunning: June 11

  • Swieca leaving Highbridge, JP Morgan to dominate hedge fund (Bloomberg)
  • Republican staff say e-mails show fed overstepped on Merrill (Bloomberg)
  • Roubini: Is Eastern Europe on the brink of an Asian-style crisis? (Forbes)
  • Fail - even data manipulation can not push futures up any more: Initial jobless claims "lower" than expected, futures down (Bloomberg and CNN)
    Speaking off - here is the chart, here is a microscope: show me the green shoot please:

  • Inflation expectations and monetary policy (Cleveland Fed)
  • Treasury day - 30 Year auction today, in the meantime good luck finding a bid (Bloomberg)
  • At new Chrysler, problems of old Chrysler remain (AP)
  • Post-Lehman world will mean W-shaped recoveries (Bloomberg)
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