Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Housekeeping Note

Since the creation of Zero Hedge 5 months ago, the blog has exploded. In that brief period, we have had over 5 million visitors, average 120k hits a day (and higher by the day), the number of contributors has increased to four, and Zero Hedge has become the fastest growing financial blog on the internet. The smartest people on Wall Street and Main Street come here daily, not just for the posts, but for the community and commentary, to which each and every one of you has contributed.

Most readers have played nice, others have been poor sports: it is to be expected as we believe we bring out everyone's dirty laundry without prejudice for influence, standing, TARP status or size; it is fair to say we have been surprised by the reactions of some. Of course, when a newcomer threatens the status quo, it is natural that some big firms feel threatened. That will not change.

What will, is Zero Hedge. Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out some major improvements to the website and the overall Zero Hedge experience. All changes will be meant to solidify our strong readership base and to create an even more dynamic community of information exchange.

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