Friday, June 12, 2009

Frontrunning: June 12

  • Record 21.% drop in Eurozone industrial output (April)
  • May import prices rises 1.3% (Bloomberg)
  • High gas prices could slow recovery (NYT)
  • Investors hope for delay in S&P's CMBS rating changes (Reuters hat tip Adam)
  • The Fed subpoena and BofA testimony (Cumberland advisors)
  • Oil slips below $72 on profit taking (AP)
  • Unprecedented insider selling (Finviz, hat tip Eduardo)
  • Stiglitz: Wall Street's toxic message (Vanity Fair)
  • Washington can't be hands off with GM (WSJ)
  • Still searching for a bottom (Mesirow Financial)
  • Coming to terms with the Term Premium (Morgan Stanley)
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