Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Frontrunning: June 9

  • German retailer Arcandor/Karstadt-Quelle files for bankruptcy - Merkel is last bastion of capitalism (Bloomberg)
  • The worrying wall of debt (The Deal)
  • Pimco says "Rate hikes will be some time coming" [Or else we need to find a greater fool for several hundred billion of treasuries and agencies] (Bloomberg)
  • Fiat promises never to walk away from US taxpayer generosity - doesn't this kill the administration's argument for a rushed sale? (AP)
  • Latvia's volatile currency (Bloomberg)
  • Bond bubble bursts - Benign or Malign [El-Erian, you reading this?] (Morgan Stanley)
  • Supreme Court upholds rule of law at Chrysler (Merk Investments)
  • Chairman speaks: Barney Frank in GQ [!?] (GQ)
  • Feds to say which banks can repay TARP [market to not be propped up artificially any longer] (AP)
  • Ben Bernanke is in a box (The American)

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