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Galiplan Financial Services: "The Permanent Bid - Manipulation?"

Zero Hedge believes in disclosing the truth - sometimes it is slightly biased by the filter of interpretation but for the most part we present the facts that lead us to our conclusions, and open up the forum to intelligent debate. In this vein, and in the ongoing hope of exposing any peculiarities and potential outright illegal manipulation in the market, I present to you the June Letter by Lipper and Morningstar Rated (5 stars) German Asset Manager Galiplan Aktien Global AMI, written by fund manager Steffen Hauptmann.

I would like to draw your attention to the section titled "Der Permanente Bid - Manipulation?" The full report is presented below, and I will translate the section using Google: I believe the jist is quite clear.
The permanent bid - manipulation?

Recently, I read more comments on the nature like "The market is rising against all the technical indications" or since a few weeks almost every day of some analysts that a "technical Correction of 10-15% is healthy and inevitable. " But nothing happens. Corrections are about 2-3% not out and despite negative indicators en masse the market is rising constantly. This is indeed quite unusual, at least if you compare it to 'normal' Market behavior compares.

No wonder that there are increasing rumors that Market is manipulated. Normally I give to such conspiracy theories little. They draw most only depends on the real relationships to recognize. However, I have even in recent weeks some phenomena observed close to the Thoughts of a targeted manipulation is not quite so seem implausible lassen.

First one can observe that whenever the U.S. market over night falls (the futures will be 24 h traded) and the next day clearly negative for open threatens, just before stock market opening is a constant Bid (a collector) in the futures market and This opening up a piece raises. Especially in pre-trade is the relatively low volumes possible. This happens so regularly that already many people's attention have become.

Secondly appears whenever the market crucial points umzukippen suddenly threatens a great bid in the market oblivion. Finally, we are on 29 May and on 3 June shortly before Closing stock market view. On 29 For example, in May the market is threatened once again in the 200 -- Day abzuprallen line and down to rotate. For technical analysts this failure would be a clear Sell signal was. Since the market is already very long without any correction was gone, would be a greater downward movement was normal. But then came a few minutes before the close an unlimited orders over 5,000 S & P500 index futures in the market and catapulted them within seconds 1.5% above and on the 200-day line. The value of these orders amounted to nearly 250 million U.S. dollars!

It is hard to imagine that an institutional investor his orders so kursbeeinflussend in the market represents. Normally, one would such an order evenly distributed throughout the day and thus kursschonend in the market. On other days, similar things happened. So I ask myself, who the motivations here, and where the money comes. Only very very few institutional investors have the means, with such large orders to play. "

If there is no tampering, then there are at least unusually crazy times. Maybe I really can see ghosts, and the market is involuntarily from the institutional investors driven by the current upward movement have completely overslept. As far as I know there are very many! The stand on the sidelines and waiting for a correction to buy into the market them. You do not want in these overbought Market. But it comes and will not Correction. Maybe but then loses a or other nerve and goes "all in"? This mix of the short-acting "less negative "news, on the basis of the acting Stimuli until the autumn can pause, combined underinvestment with institutional investors is an explosive. It could lead to the market fundamentals of its decouple. We inflating a new stock and Commodity bubble experience. I already have a name to read: BGB - Bernanke-Geithner bubble. Everything well and good if these bubbles are not the property had suddenly and unexpectedly to burst.

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