Thursday, June 11, 2009

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of June 10

Note: this analysis does not include $153 billion in various (presumably non counterfeit) bearer bonds that the Federal reserve will now never be able to monetize.

Total Federal Reserve balance sheet assets for the week of June 3 of $2,067 billion
consisting of:
  • Securities held outright: $1,134 billion (an increase of $19.1 billion, resulting from $16 billion in new Treasury purchases while Fed Agency debt was flat)
  • Net borrowings: $498 billion (no change from the updated prior week)
  • Float, liquidity swaps, Maiden Lane and other assets: $436 billion (decrease of $17 billion due to a continued reduction in Central Bank Liquidity Swaps ($11 billion) and $4 billion in CPFF outstandings)
Foreign holdings of USTs and Agencies increased as usual by $17.9 billion to $2,750 billion from $2,724 billion in the prior week.

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