Thursday, June 11, 2009

Overalottment: June 10

  • Largest smuggling bust ever: $134.5 billion in bonds seized from Japanese nationals in Italy (AsiaNews hat tip Gayle)
  • Must read Jonathan Weil: Nouveau DeTARPed ETF traders rejoice - Banks trade TARP for bonuses, debauchery, jets (Bloomberg) [Scores reopened?]
  • Retail landlords need a "reality check" (Reuters)
  • ECB fears bank crisis in 2010 as recession drags on (Telegraph hat tip Steve)
  • Fed emails bash BofA chief in tussle over Merrill Deal (WSJ and NYT)
  • Brazil making $10 billion loan to the IMF (BBC)
  • Nancy Pelosi's husband lost up to $1 million on AIG stock (Bloomberg)
  • T minus 50 to full financial meltdown in California (Reuters)
  • Hong Kong to close primary schools, kindergartens amid swine flu (Bloomberg)
  • Goldman trying to defuse an explosive BRIC situation: can't have all that bought up oil crashing now, can we (Bloomberg)
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