Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hedge Fund Blue Light Specials Are Over

The latest monthly report out of Hedgebay indicates that if you were in the market for a hedge fund and couldn't buy one for 80 cents on the dollar in March, you are fresh out of luck - time to pay up for that invaluable Ken Griffen LP interest at a cool 10%+ premium to the low price.

However, even as Hedgebay confirms "One thing is for certain, there is still a tremendous amount of hedge fund shares that are suspended that need to be worked through and that will take some time." One could say the same thing for foreclosed homes, toxic loans, 30 year USTs, excess deposit reserves sitting in bank vaults, worthless retail companies waiting to issue debt to Citadel, worthless REITs waiting to issue stock to Cohen and Steers, SPY shares not yet purchased by JPM, and many other non-second derivative items.

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