Monday, June 8, 2009

Intraday SPY Indication Of Interest Update

Down market got you feeling, well, down? JPM Red Bull (with or without coca plant additives) gives you (and the market) wings.

In other news, the Bberg SPY INDEX IOIA is now macro'ed to JPY.

The house of Dimon doesn't even care anymore that it SPY "micromanagement" looks like daylight rape and murder in central park. Can the Fed/Jim Simons please just say what the FV for the S&P500 is so we can just fast forward to there?

Laughable man, Hah.

Some "market" commentary out of BofA
"Some odd volume patterns in the ETFs on this pop higher: firstly we're not seeing ANY high touch follow through from clients, and secondly the only volume appears to be in SPYs (and to a lesser extent IWMs and QQQQs), which has seen a huge spike in activity compared to the rest of the day. Most sector and intl ETFs, even bellweathers like EEM, XLF, XLE, seeing very little trading since 3.20pm. "

Also, looks like the rotation out of high beta into lower beta is in full force. Is the East Setauket "Pall Malls By The Carton" preferred customer starting to enforce his losing position after his horrendous performance?

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