Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Readings

  • Must read: Algorithmic programs that will be eliminated (SMB)
  • Must read: The Bush doctrine, economic warfare and your investment portfolio (FSU, hat tip Wickern)
  • Airbus could cope with 1,000 order cancellations [consider yourself warned] (Bloomberg)
  • Real housewife of OC saves Coto home from foreclosure, thanks Zachary Scoggins and Art Moore of Washington Mutual [foreclosures for the retard class do not apply with JPM] (OC Register hat tip Ian)
  • Contours of Crisis III: Systemic fear and forward-looking finance (Bichler & Nitzan, hat tip Leo Kolivakis)
  • Where are we now? Five point summary (Baseline Scenario)
  • Muscle car shoot out: Camaro, Challenger, Mustang (Big Picture)
  • Technical - CreditRisk+ by Fast Fourier Transform (SSRN)
  • Liberty Dollar's Von NotHaus indicted for conspiracy to promote Dollar alternatives (Numismaster, hat tip Karen)
  • Michael Moore's "Save Our CEOs" teaser (You Tube, hat tip Michael)
  • Sunday humor: Dick Bove raises target on BAC to $19 (hat tip Doug Kass)
  • Chartology via GS: note the forward P/E and the hillarious 3 month sentiment revision. The sell side herd has completely rolled over.

Hopefully anger management is not made in the People's Republic of China... can't wait for the buckwild sequel

Sincere thanks for the generous donations by Marc and Steve.
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