Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overalottment: June 18

  • Schapiro says SEC to force more disclosure on "dark pools" (Bloomberg)
  • Senate attacks role of Fed in Geithner reform (FT)
  • George Orwell deja vu headline presented tonight compliments of Bloomberg: Yen Weakens as Signs Global Slump Easing Spur Demand for Yield (Orwellberg)
  • Citi tried to replicate DB/BofA-Fontainebleau fiasco with Destiny - USA ( hat tip Vaughan)
  • Warrant issued for Allen Stanford, prepared to surrender (BBC and Reuters)
  • Gates order missile interceptrs in Hawaii in case of launch (Bloomberg)
  • In a sign of another bubble of sorts, China is now willing to invest in hedge funds (WSJ)
  • Even better than the real thing: 75 years of bank failure with the FDIC (
  • Hedge Fund New Stream Caught With Pants Around Ankles, Says Investor (Dealbreaker)
  • Gerald Celente: Washington is Wall Street and Wall Street is Washington (YouTube)
  • Conservative comedy with PJ O'Rourke
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