Monday, June 15, 2009

Frontrunning: June 15

  • IMF says worst is not over (Reuters)
  • Moody's says no trouble in CMBS land, isolating S&P [time to boycott Moody's 1-ply Cottonelle] (Reuters, hat tip Richard)
  • Tens of thousands of Mousavi supporters gather in Tehran, defying rally ban (Sky News)
  • Not inflationary - European payrolls shrink by 1.2 million, most on record (Bloomberg)
  • Weekly economic and financial commentary (Wachovia)
  • The car bailout - a rescue that overreached (WaPo)
  • New York Manufacturing shrinks at faster pace (Bloomberg)
  • Bank Of England needs to print more money to entrench recovery claims CBI (Bloomberg)
  • The epitome of a bubble - Limited Brands seeks to raise $500 million in 10 year bonds (WSJ)
  • Bankrupt Six Flags says will not sell parks or cut workers (Reuters)
  • Washington obits offer short-sale tip sheet (Bloomberg)
  • Dumb money, not surprisingly, bullish to an extreme (Technical Take)
  • More optimists - Boeing expects mid-2010 commercial plane recovery (Reuters)
  • Delphi deal undone by bankruptcy judge (The Atlantic, hat tip Julian)
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