Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frontrunning: June 16

  • TALF for Commercial Real Estate a disaster: no issuer announcements ahead of today's deadline (Bloomberg)
  • BRICs to buy each other's bonds to shift away from dollar (Bloomberg)
  • US Producer Prices rose less than forecast in May (Bloomberg)
  • Housing starts in the U.S. soared in May; permits also rose (Bloomberg)
  • Record corporate bond sales fail to each cash gap (Bloomberg)
  • MBA tales: searching for a job in a recession (BusinessWeek)
  • 36 South starts hyperinflation hedge fund (Bloomberg)
  • Russian reserve worries hit dollar (FT)
  • No orders for Boeing at Paris Air Show (AP)
  • Judge imposes curbs on scope of AIG case (FT)
  • The crisis: where do we go from here? (Brookings)
  • Krugman's fear for lost decade (Guardian)
  • Plastic green shoots [Astroturf] (Delta Advisors)
  • Interactive map: when will the nation's job markets return to normal (Sacramento Bee)
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