Friday, June 19, 2009

Frontrunning: June 19

  • Dick Bove, who still may be bullish on Lehman, says to Buy Citigroup, $4 Target, sees 2010 EPS of $0.13!
  • Companies of Commercial real estate "billionaire" Halabi default on $1.9 billion in debt after 50% drop in property value (Bloomberg)
  • E.U. leaders say no more stimulus (Marketwatch)
  • The two sides of the inflation debate (Morgan Stanley)
  • Consumers could get up to $4,500 toward new car (AP)
  • Brazil pension funds, on the bring in 2008, will get permission to exit fixed income funds and throw all their money in the equity bubble (Bloomberg)
  • Big Swiss banks exposed to risk, Central Bank says (WSJ, hat tip Julian)
  • Former Merrill execs discussed buying back bank (Reuters)
  • Smaller crowds greet launch of new iPhone, likely will not bail out US economy (Reuters)
  • Porsche may fail to avoid Volkswagen's grip (Bloomberg) even as...
  • Volkswagen moves in for kill (NYT)
  • Bankruptcy epitaphs in the green shoots economy (Reformed Broker)
  • Even with massive economic slack, leading indicators somehow still point to better day (Wachovia)
  • Sponsored coverage from Krugman: The good and bad in Obama's plan (NYT)
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