Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cantillon Shutting Down

WSJ reporting that William von Mueffling's (who in 2007 allegedly made about $300 million) Cantillon Capital Management is shutting down. The 40 West 57th Street-based firm, which according to Thomson One had between $2.5 and $4 billion in AUM after dropping from a peak of $8 billion in 2007, had a roster of 5 PMs and 13 analysts, which will add some more competition to the thousands currently happy to work pro bono for the likes of John Paulson, or whoever else it is that is actually making money as opposed to merely riding their garbage stocks on the back of the biggest high beta short covering wave.

Look for some juicy BWICs and portfolio liquidations which hopefully will not be purchased by the US taxpayers via their numerous recently-repaying TARP proxies. Sphere: Related Content
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