Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overalottment: June 17

  • Even as Fed gets exactly zero CMBS TALF bids (Bloomberg), BofA is marketing Commercial Mortgage Debt (Bloomberg). When does this insane resecuritization attempt become criminal? How many more banks need to blow up?
  • Public wary of deficit, economic intervention (WSJ)
  • Realpoint May CMBS delinquency report - CRE deterioration is really picking up (Realpoint hat tip JT)
  • Barbarians in bankruptcy court (WSJ)
  • US derivatives overhaul may hurt non-bank traders (Bloomberg)
  • State income-tax revenues sink (WSJ)
  • "Animal spirits" and the election cycle (Animal Spirits, hat tip BB)
  • NYSE planning venue for fixed-income derivatives (WSJ)
  • MGM still does not plan on selling casinos (Bloomberg, hat tip Brian)
  • Stock market warning from NEoWave's Glenn Neely (PR, hat tip Luc)
  • Six minutes with renegade economist Michael Hudson (YouTube, hat tip Richard)
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