Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frontrunning: June 18

  • Jobless claims rise, total benefit rolls decline (Bloomberg)
  • Uncle Sam's favorite subsidized Fiat calls for restructuring of auto industry (AP)
  • China sells US bonds to "show concern" (Breitbart, hat tip SB)
  • BofA paying big bonuses to retain bankers (Reuters)
  • Because of Obama, everyone will want to become big enough to enjoy "systemic risk" protection (WSJ)
  • World Bank buys the Kool Aid, increases China expansion estimate to 7.2% from 6.5% (Bloomberg and FT)
  • More BRIC noises (Brown Brothers Harriman)
  • One man against inflation (Fortune)
  • Mean Street: the new master of the universe (WSJ)
  • Inflation remained tame in May (Wachovia)
  • Hyperinflation: the story of 9 failed currencies (Mint)
  • Feds to California - drop dead (Fundmastery)
  • The real pain in Spain...and Europe (GEAB)
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