Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekeend Readings

  • More on StevePerkinsGate: PVM taking a page from the oldest playbook in the world (FT)
  • India joins China, Russia in questioning USD dominance (Bloomberg)
  • Palin to resign as Alaska governor, will not seek reelection (WSJ) [not even worth discussing the Republican due diligence process]
  • Ignoring prophetic predictors (Nader)
  • Staffer at SEC had warned of Madoff (WaPo, h/t dartmont)
  • Recovering ABS may relapse if TALF support pulled (Reuters)
  • Arnold's IOUs will pay 3.75% (Bloomberg) which Bank of America can't wait to launder with taxpayer money (PR)
  • China needs domestic consumption for economic recovery (Bloomberg), in other words a US-style credit bubble, combined with compelte fake economic data, can only go so far.
  • The Taleb - Tavakoli vendetta post-it update (Alphaville)
  • Banks own the US government (Guardian)
  • Korea fires five more missiles (Bloomberg)
  • New York city sees slide in tourism (WSJ)
  • William Buiter: Why zombie banks will need more money

  • Michael Lewis joins the Zero Hedge choir, takes on Joe Cassano

Jetlag edition

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