Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Afternoon News Round Up

  • Fed's Outright Treasury Coupons Purchase for USD 7bln May. 2016 - May 2019, Offer/Cover 3.637 vs. Prev. auction of similar maturity 3.74
  • Prime-mortgage delinquencies climb to 2.9%
  • Russian banks require USD 20-80 bln in additional capital in 2009, says Fitch Ratings
  • IMF reports reserve currency assets for Q1 2009; USD's share of reserve assets rises to 65% vs. Prev. 64.1%
  • French finance minister Lagarde says French banks can withstand deeper economic slump
  • Venezuela says hoping for USD 75 oil price in 2nd half of the year
  • Gasparino says about 9 groups to be chosen for PPIP
  • Deutsche Bank CEO says banking industry will be less profitable
  • World Banks' Zoellick sees 'great uncertainity' on recovery's timing
  • RBS, Lloyds may need to sell units to win aid, EU's Kroes says
Courtesy of RANSquawk
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