Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slow Afternoon News Roundup

  • Dan Loeb's Third Point June P&L: 1.8%; 7.2% YTD (Third Point)
  • Captain Morgan - Best use of $2.7 billion in TARP funding. Ever (Moneynews, h/t Cris)
  • BOE's Miles says helpful to include housing in inflation gauge [Amen]
  • Unemployed finance guys in Buenos Aires search for sex, drugs, and their own souls (Playboy h/t Clusterstock)
  • Boeing lost orders for 15 787 Dreamliners in past week: those lost airplanes sure not helping the manufacturing index
  • China Vice Premier says global financial crisis hasn't bottomed
  • Russia Central bank says scraps recommendation for banks not to increase foreign currency denominated assets from Q3
  • Weather Derivatives latest forecast sees average temperatures in the US for the next 6-10 days to be 0.2F vs. Prev. -1.3F
  • US to provide $1.175 bln to wind down GM, previously the number was $950 million
  • FDIC board weighs rules for buyout firms acquiring failed banks
  • Gazprom seeks global deal to build gas grid encircling Europe (Bloomberg) - Naming contest is on: most PC incorrect name wins of course
  • Michael Lewis on Wall Street's Day of Reckoning (WS Tech h/t Joe)
  • William Cohan on Goldman Sachs and AIG (Tech Ticker)
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