Monday, June 29, 2009

My Immoral Beluved (Sic)

Some afternoon levity: now that Madoff is set to spend the remainder of his life behind bars, the public's attention is shifting to whatever other scandal will fill the pages of the yellow press. And as this summer has progressed very slowly, with the SEC cowering in its cave, afraid to do anything about the unprecedented market manipulation evident to anyone but the market regulator, the general public likely will have to make do with the tryst of Gov. Mark Sanford and his Argentinian beau as the topic de jour.

To throw some perspective on the mind of Mark, The State recently uncovered a trove of e-mails that had been exchanged between the governor and his Buenos Aires flame. The emails are represented below to quell readers' boredom in the absence of any actual news: after all staring at an intraday SPY Bloomberg screen lately is about as exciting as watching the market paint drying, compliments of whatever SPARC stations are still in commission in Stony Brook.

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