Monday, June 29, 2009

Six Flags Ad Hoc Bondholders Preparing For Big Valuation Fight

Even as Six Flags' OCC (Official Credit Committee) was being formed in Delaware last Friday, with naive participants such as BoNY, HSBC, Esopus Creek Capital, Schottenfeld Associates, John Gorman, Whirley Drink Works and Coca-Cola (the last two must be royally pissed as all their advance profits on $9.95 small cups of soda have just become General Unsecured Claims) all hoping for some meager recoveries, and financial advisors (Broadpoint, Chanin, Moelis, Mesirow, BDO and Peter J Solomon, all of which are now overnight specialists in the amusement park business) trying to bedazzle the committee with their pretty charts and glass beads (and in the case of some, expansive dinners at Tao, where engagement letters were hoped to be signed on the naked backs of blonde, barely legal, Ukranian imports), the ad hocs were preparing for war according to Debtwire.

As Zero Hedge noted previously, the Six Flags prepackaged plan envisioned a massive cram down of virtually everyone who was not a secured lender. This ended up pissing off one Marc Lasry and his Avenue Capital to no end. Alas, Clinton-clan scion Chelsea is no longer around to have some heated discussions (presumably with the ever-convincing wingman Steve Rattner on the line) with Mark Shapiro over what is best for the economy and for the Avenue Credit Fund. As a result, Avenue, which holds approximately 40-50% of the Six Flags 12.25% OpCo notes, and 10% of the bank debt, has hired Akin Gump and Barclays as legal and financial advisors, and basically instructed them to go to town on the Six Flags valuation. As existing lenders are currently envisioned receiving 92% of the pro forma equity, pretty much everyone below them is rightfully pissed.

However, Avenue and straggler Fidelity will likely have their work cut out for them: good luck proving to a judge that in the biggest depression ever (sorry 1930's, you were just demoted), a bankrupt amusement park can fetch anything even remotely close to a 7x valuation, especially when you nearest comp Cedar Fair is already trading inside of that.

Then again, if the government is really set on determining a FMV for the S&P of a Abby Joseph Cohen orgasm inducing 2,000, then by all means Avenue has a definite chance of succeeding in not only getting uncrammed, but getting awarded huge warrants in addition to 100% of the equity, and free Medusa rides for life. We wish them all the best. Sphere: Related Content
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