Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Themis Trading: "Principal Program Trading Is A Way To Get The Market Go In Your Direction"

Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading on Bloomberg TV, discussing several critical topics extensively covered on Zero Hedge previously: the real state of the economy, high frequency program trading and outright market manipulation. Maybe this will explain some of the persistent questions readers have about Zero Hedge's obsession with Goldman's domination of the Principal Program Trading market.

To quote Joe:
"I have a feeling one day the door is gonna close, everyone is going to be running for the exits, there is going to be a major move in the market and everyone is going to wonder "what happened?"

There is problem structurally in the equity markets that nobody wants to talk about. There is intervention, there is manipulation going on. No one has exact proof of what is going on but it's out there, and the real liquidity has been gone for a while. People don't understand, the liquidity is not coming back."
Must Watch.

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