Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Reader,
"Blogger was the beginning, now it's moved out of the basement, it's called"
Today we officially launch our new website, (we expect full transition to occur within a few hours), which will serve as the scaffold for much additional expansion in the months ahead. Blogger has been useful, however it has reached its limitations and it is time to move on. This is especially true as daily traffic has grown to a level far beyond what was envisioned possible when Zero Hedge was started.

As part of the transition you will see many changes, and a format much more reminiscent of a "real" website. Due to bandwidth limitations,the index page will be more streamlined and cohesive, at least initially - we hope to give readers the option of designing their layout shortly. More importantly, we have moved our physical servers and domains offshore, partly to be independent and never be held hostage by any major provider, partly to avoid what has become widespread abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to silence whistleblowers and force the pre-emptive removal of content without due process of any kind. Most importantly, over the next month, once we are comfortable that the website is fully functioning and bug free, we will launch several major expansions that we believe will provide a substantial service to readers and investors and address "unmet market needs" in banker parlance. Last but not least, the new website is now fully open to reader input with numerous forums covering extensive and broad topics, and will also stream real time news content from RAN Squawk: one of the best headline news scraping services available. Over the next few days, a contributors section will also be up and running, providing a venue for a select few of Zero Hedge's closest and most erudite collaborators to engage and syndicate their best ideas. Which brings me to another point - Zero Hedge is going global. To address demands for a broader event focus, and to provide what will be almost constant news coverage, we are close to finalizing exclusive relationships with a European and Asian contributor. The ongoing economic drama is not American, it is worldwide.

In the meantime we will cross post on the old blogger website ( as we iron out all kinks. We apologize in advance for dropping Disqus in the new version, however it is with a specific purpose in mind, which will be made evident over the next month. Also, for all beta testers, thanks for your work - unfortunately you will need to reregister once again.

Needless to say, we are very excited at all that it unfolding for Zero Hedge, and it is all geared to providing the best possible independent and informative environment for you, dear reader.

We welcome all constructive input: much more than anything, Zero Hedge is an evolving experiment in author-reader interaction. When you speak, we listen.

Your Zero Hedge team Sphere: Related Content
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