Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frontrunning: June 30

  • Case-Shiller: home prices drop 18.1% (Bloomberg)
  • China to postpone filtering software mandate (AP)
  • How a loophole benefits GE in bank rescue (WaPo, h/t Tom) [and how CNBC's future depends on unicorns and rainbows]
  • Bernanke's "green shoots" take over the lexicon, if not economy (Bloomberg)
  • TRW shares, debt get boost from JP Morgan (TheStreet)
  • Mauldin: a 20 year bear market (Investor Insight)
  • Malcolm Gladwell: is free the future (New Yorker)
  • Roger Altman: We'll need to raise taxes soon (WSJ)
  • Porsche says won't apply for new loan from KfW bank (Bloomberg)
  • BoNY takes stake in Nasdaq derivatives unit (WSJ)
  • Last call for monetizations (FX Solutions)
  • Starbucks swaps berries for artificial flavors to boost quality (Bloomberg)
  • Madoff is "evil," but hardly unique (Barron's)
  • Fed exit strategy: Review and preview (Morgan Stanley)
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