Monday, June 29, 2009

Frontrunning: June 29

  • State Street receives Wells Notice, may be sued by SEC over securities-law violations (Bloomberg and Reuters)
  • GE's Immelt claims crisis over, see only growth from now on, sweeps tens of billions of failed GECC "investments" under the rug (Bloomberg)
  • And another permabull talks his book, sees more procyclicality, has no factual justification (Bloomberg)
  • Central banks: the visible hand at work (Brown Brothers Harriman)
  • As we announced, Porsche rejects Volkswagen offer (WSJ)
  • As government chimes in: the two need to agree soon (Reuters)
  • Why stagflation is coming (Reuters)
  • Sears to let jobless customers stop payments, keep the fridge (Bloomberg)
  • Weekly economic report (Hudson Institute)
  • Does USA 2009 = Argentina 2001 Part I: falling economy reaches terminal velocity (ITulip)
  • Oil rises to $70 on more Nigeria attacks, of course it is all inflation-related, no June 2008 deja vu yet (Reuters)
  • Bernanke breaks means reappointment is assured (Bloomberg)
  • Why we need a second stimulus (New Republic)
  • Looking ahead into the economic dark (National Post)
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