Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frontrunning: July 1

  • US ADP Employment Change (Jun) M/M -473K vs. Exp. -395K (Prev. -532K, Rev. -485K) (Bloomberg)
  • Fed's Yellen says rates may stay near zero for years (Bloomberg)
  • Banks falling 23% since may foreshadow S%P slump (Bloomberg)
  • Karl Denninger: To Dennis Kneale - You're an idiot (Market Ticker)
  • Too Bernanke to fail? (WSJ)
  • Mortgage application index falls 19% last week, 7 month low (Bloomberg)
  • A forecast with hope built in (NYT)
  • 50% of American homeowners are near negative equity (Insurance Life Blog)
  • Citi raises card rates on millions (FT)
  • Fed's e-mail disclosure may chill confidential bank supervision (Bloomberg)
  • Fed Funds closed at 7% on quarter-end demand (Bloomberg)
  • The fed can't save the economy on its own (MarketWatch)
  • Hedge funds get to feel like smart guys again (Bloomberg)
  • Credit Cycle: Breakdown, Adjustment and Rebuilding in the Financial Sector (Wachovia)
  • Let's be objective about the increase in the Fed's balance sheet (Northern Trust)
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