Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zero Hedge Has Been Unfair To Nat'l Association Of Realtors

Zero Hedge knows when to admit it is wrong. We criticize the National Association Of Realtors for being moochers, for doing all they can (which isn't much) to support the zombie GSEs (on the taxpayers' back) so the organization can continue its existence for another day or two. Yet, when the NAR's spokesperson Frances Martinez Myers, who is also an SVP at Fox and Roach, appears in congress, before a House Committee on Financial Services no less, with roots that have not been retouched in well over a month, our collective heartstrings are torn, we shed a collective tear for her misused hairstylist (likely residing in some General Growth Properties owned mall), and admit that things at the NAR must be really, really, really bad.

Instead of paying taxes, we advise our readers to submit bottles of Clairol (or somehwat pure ROOH) to lovely Ms. Martinez, who, seeing how nationalized Fannie and Freddie beg for the paltry sum of $150 billion or so every couple of months, will likely have to make many more appearances before the unflattering 640x480 resolution cameras of the House.

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