Friday, June 5, 2009

Frontrunning: June 5

  • 9.4% unemployment, U-6 hits 16.4%, layoffs slow... Just wait for the GM/Chrysler fallout (AP)
  • FDIC pushes for removal of top Citi executives (Marketwatch)
  • Silverton bank shut down after private equity buyers have no desire to buy, even with FDIC backing (WSJ)
  • Opel-Magna deal facing collapse, Fiat hopes to get second look at US Taxpayer generosity (Reuters)
  • Let's keep many eyes on the banks (WSJ)
  • GM to sell Saturn brand to Roger Penske (AP)
  • The market's rally: a square-foot rally (Barron's)
  • Legacy of debt gives fiscal stimulus bad name (Bloomberg)
  • 7 factors that led to crisis (Big Picture)
  • Should we fear rising bond yields (Everyday Economist)
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