Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Frontrunning: June 3

  • ADP May private job losses: 532,000, April revision higher by over 50K to 545K! (Reuters)
  • Germany's Angela Merkel has had it with the Fed insanity (FT and WSJ)
  • Mutiny: Labour MP's seeking signatures for Gordon Brown ouster, to be delivered tonight (Guardian)
  • US releases highly confidential 266 page list of all nuclear sites accidentally (NYT)
  • The GMAC - American Banker Association rivalry gets mainstream (Fortune)
  • The TARP exit checklist and why the stress test was a complete joke [Hey Ben, we dare you to ask for another $50 billion in six months] (Bloomberg)
  • Speedy will rule on Friday on Chrysler franchise terminations (AP)
  • JP Morgan closing hedge fund, buyout unit (Bloomberg)
  • Another anemic TALF subscription at $11.5 billion; at this rate securitization will be back... by 2029 (Reuters)
  • A war against organizing (WaPo)
  • Gasparino: Another reason to hate Goldman (Daily Beast)
  • Coming: the third wave of foreclosures (MSN)
  • Where the US would be without monetization: Spain jobless rate at 20% and getting worse (Bloomberg)
  • Getting more depressing all the time (NWE)
  • If Obama had Carter's courage (WSJ)

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