Monday, June 1, 2009

FDIC's Economic Analysis

Absent a few tokes of the occasional green shoot, Richard Brown, Chief Economist at the FDIC, has put together a more or less objective presentation of the current and projected economic state. Some notable highlights:

Slide 5 - increase in arm and alt-a distress.
Slide 14 - annualized 6.1% decline in GDP Q109 due to big drop in business investment; you can bet the consumer spending fudge factor won't stay blue for long.
Slide 17 - shows more than 100% increase in loss provisions in Q408 over Q407.
Slide 18 - troubled loan %s from 91-present, and rapidly increasing currently.
Slide 19 - bank earnings dropped fastest at larger banks.
Slide 20 - credit losses increased fastest at larger banks.
Slide 24 - the nefarious 4 point plan that manifests itself every day in the equity markets.
Slide 32 - the plummeting of unused loan commitments
Slide 35 - forecasts unemployment 9.1% for 2009 and 9.7% for 2010.

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Hat Tip Richard
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