Thursday, June 4, 2009

Frontrunning: June 4

  • Nothing wrong with tweaking the jobless claims numbers: now at 621,000; the revision will be amusing (Bloomberg) [When will people realize everything is "adjusted" better by 40-80k every single period]
  • So much for consumer spending: retailers report May sales declines (AP and NYT)
  • Ye olde Goldman oil manipulation game: now forecast oil at $85 (Reuters) [Can someone please go through the disclosure list on that research piece and report how many billion barrels of oil GS is long right now? thanks]
  • Be frightened of activist investors loading up on basis trades (Highyield Blog)
  • SEC probes Lehman research (SEC)
  • Latvia denies currency pressure (BBC)
  • General Motors goes to the garage (FT)
  • Workers more productive in Q1 - as most of them were hired by the Government UnLLC, this is surely good news and will cause a spike in NYSE:OBAM pre-market (AP)
  • V-shaped recovery outlook is in vain (Barron's)
  • The plummeting dollar prosperity plan (Delta Global)
  • Schroeder: Buffett is less bullish on U.S. than you think (Bloomberg)
  • Geithner and China: who are you fooling? (Merk Fund)
  • ING plans to withdraw from 10 of the 48 countries it is currently active in (MarketWatch)
  • Why Ackman failed against Target (TheStreet)
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