Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frontrunning: June 2

  • A little more market ramp please: Morgan Stanley joins follow on party (Bloomberg)
  • Debt defying quirk could haunt banks (WSJ)
  • Dollar falls to lowest level in 2009, Europe, Japan really loving it now (Bloomberg)
  • Swedish Krona hit by EU-member Latvia fears (FT)
  • Switzerland goes into recession (BBC)
  • The squeeze part 2: Volkswagen stock shoots up on deja vu (Bloomberg)
  • Speaking of irony, the basis trade which destroyed Blue Mountain is now making it money (Bloomberg)
  • Ironic headline pair of the day: Geithner says China has confidence in U.S. economy (Bloomberg)
  • China's Yu tells U.S. not to be complacent about debt (Bloomberg)
  • GM is turbocharging Wall Street fees (MarketWatch)
  • How Washington blew GM's bankruptcy (FT)
  • McArdle: What's good for GM Isn't what's good for America (The Atlantic)
  • Felix Salmon readies himself to be next philosophical Taleb (Reuters)
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