Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Reading

  • Must read 1: Revenge of the nerd: quants demystified (Newsweek)
  • Must read 2: Learning from the great crash of 1929 (Bear Market Investments)
  • Must read 3: Mauldin: The new, new normal (Big Picture)
  • Must read 4: The other side: the government's negotiation tactics with Chrysler now exposed (WSJ)
  • Oops, there goes the expected closing date on the Citi exchange offer (FT, hat tip Brian)
  • Labour suffers humiliating election wipe out (Telegraph)
  • Gordon Brown expensed two of his second homes to British taxpayers (Telegraph)
  • Florida stands to lose $1 billion because of Lehman bankruptcy (
  • Jefferson county set to halt services, shut buildings (Bloomberg, hat tip SB)
  • Weinstein Co. to restructure, hires Miller Buckfire (WSJ)
  • Bond market rout lifts mortgage cost (AP)
  • Alexei Kudrin has nothing but love for B- rated US Treasuries (Reuters)
  • Teri Buhl: The real money is in flipping bank charters, not houses (Dealbreaker)
  • Men's Wearhouse affiliate buys Filene's Basement in bankruptcy (Bloomberg)
  • Detroit billionaire Roger Penske buys Saturn, to revamp dealership model (WSJ) [another preferred man sweetheart deal?]
  • Hedge fund transparency measure dies in Connecticut (WSJ)
  • Setser: The return of Brettonw Woods two (or Bretton Woods 2.1?) (CFR)
  • The age of diminishing endowments (WSJ)
  • Hummer deal snag: two Chinese agencies against acquisition of the company (NY Post)
  • Uber Wonkish: Lots of interest lately in quant/stat issues. Some good high level reading from Taleb (Fooled by randomness)
  • Attempting to explain market behavior: Daniel Kahneman on behavioral economics

  • Must watch: Marcy Kaptur interrogates Ben Bernanke (hat tip Ian)

With big gratitude to Steve, Gwyneth and Sherrie for their donations

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