Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Readings

  • What low bond recovery rates mean: 45-55% cumulative defaults (Vanguard, hat tip Richard) [HY12 at 81? haha]
  • Despite promising signs, many wary that recession's knockout punch could still come. (CoStar Group, hat tip Doug)
    Great article highlighting just how useless the Administration's interventionist policies are. Among the highlights:
    • Federal Initiatives prolonging a false sense of hope
    • Problem loans will continue to keep property values, deals down
    • No consumer, no recovery
    • Property fundamental weak and getting weaker
  • The dumb money is beginning to lose conviction (Technical Take)
  • Steve Jakubowski: Objecting to the GM 363 Sale's treatment of product liability claims: stepping into the fray (Bankruptcy Litigation Blog)
  • Dianne Feinstein: Obama may lack votes for health-care (Bloomberg)
  • Goldman Sachs to pay all-time record bonuses (Guardian)...
  • While soup kitchen queues [better known as lines west of the Atlantic] grow as US teeters on brink of new downturn (Guardian, hat tip Jacksoo)
  • Treasury's got Bill Gross on speed dial (NYT)
  • Trichet says governments must start cutting deficits in 2010 - good luck (Bloomberg and BBC)
  • Yves Lamoureux on the greenshoot-fed sacred fed bull died fat and happy (Planet Yelnik)
  • The obtuseness of macroeconomics (Animal Spirits, hat tip Benign)
  • Corporate lenders' cry: Let us be (WSJ)
  • Liverpool owner selling Montreal Canadiens to ease cash pressure (BBC)
  • He's Barack Obama (JibJab, hat tip David)
  • Chartology

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