Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Overalottment: June 23

  • Chinese increasingly overdue on credit cards (MarketWatch)
  • Japan exports plummet: 40.9% decline year over year, extends worst slump since WWII (NYT)
  • Citigroup raises base salaries by 50% (Bloomberg)
  • Ikea plans to halt investment in Russia (NYT)
  • Memphis hospital confirms site of Job's transplant, was bumped to top of transplant list (WSJ)
  • Kim gives son control of North Korea secret police (Bloomberg)
  • Peugeot warns of big annual loss (WSJ)
  • Banking is "broken", consumers need "watchdog" (Reuters)
  • Stanford bail hearing set for June 25 in Houston (Bloomberg)
  • Rich and poor discussing downturn (BBC)
  • New York Times considers charging for iPhone content (Bloomberg)
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