Monday, June 22, 2009

Overalottment: June 22

  • Must read: Researching corruption at the Treasury: The PPT 101 (Market Skeptics)
  • NRG suit against Exelon bid dismissed (WSJ)
  • State Street will have something to say about this: Fed in discussions on changing Repo transactions (Bloomberg)
  • Someone is buying the solar hype: GCL-Poly to buy Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon (Bloomberg)
  • Alan Mullaly hopes to revive the Taurus (WSJ)
  • Obama and Munchausen's syndrome by proxy (Pajamas Media, hat tip Dartmont)
  • Japan may end $1.5 billion Venezuela loan plans after seizures (Bloomberg)
  • Warren Buffett's favorite (former Goldman Sachs) banker Byron Trott raises $2 billion (FT)
  • Spitzer 2: Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi caught up in hookergate (Telegraph)
  • Some banks skip TARP dividends (Naked Capitalism)
  • Greenland to become 51st state of the US? (Pravda)
  • Richard Branson vendetta with British Airways grows (Telegraph)
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