Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frontrunning: June 23

  • Boeing announces yet another 787 delay, prior delivery date of Q3 2010 scrapped: are those titanium/carbon frame suppliers still alive? (PR)
  • Jack Handy Cottonelle-schmoozer moment of the day: Moody's says US is a solid AAA (ReutersBloomberg)
  • After massive global mauling, out of nowhere, US futures climb (Bloomberg)
  • Korea's Shinhan Bank issue $500 million in US denominated bonds to redeem debt (Trading Charts, hat tip Steve)
  • Two year treasuries decline ahead of $40 billion auction: odds housing number will be a disappointment (for equities): 99.999% (Bloomberg)
  • Data dent EU recovery hopes; China trade row looms (Reuters)
  • Maersk says container market to shrink more than 10% (Bloomberg)
  • After 144 years, Reuters is ending its London listing (BBC)
  • Obama bulks up "too big to fail" with steroids (Bloomberg)
  • New trading platform targets retail investors (FT)
  • RBS Chief's new $16 million pay package leaves union "appalled" (Bloomberg)
  • Obama's financial regulatory restructuring is an industrial policy (Cumberland)
  • Bernanke set to defend record amid debate on new term (Bloomberg)
  • So much for Web 2.0 (or whatever it is): MySpace to cut two thirds of non-US workers, to close offices (Bloomberg)
  • The FOMC, Quantitative Easing and the dollar (FXSolutions)
  • Airbus makes first plane in China (BBC)
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