Thursday, June 25, 2009

Overalottment: June 24

  • Wall Street begins campaign to thwart populist overreaction (Bloomberg) [Zero Hedge soon to begin campaign to thwart this campaign]
  • $27 billion of 7 Year USTs on deck (Bloomberg)
  • Deflating our way to Posterity (Dr. Housing Bubble)
  • Harry Schultz: Gold confiscatory bank holiday coming up? (MarketWatch, h/t Pere Ubu)
  • Treasury is overstating indirect bids at auctions (Reuters)
  • As Zero Hedge predicted many months ago, Shinsei and Aozora are merging (Bloomberg)
  • FOMC statement (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
  • GOP to paint Bernanke as ally of big government (NYT)
  • Simon Property Group forces cancellation of Tea Party planned at one of its malls (WSB)
  • Cash4Gold offers blogger $3,000 to remove negative post (Consumerist, h/t Shanky)
  • Barclays must give more data on Lehman (WSJ)
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