Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jim Simons Lasts A Whole Hour Without Chain Smoking A Carton Or Two

Much like our President who earlier announced he had quit smoking, with the exception of inhaling the occasional pack every time the mortgage spread passes 100 bps or gold gets close to $1,000. Deep thoughts from the SPARC-tamer himself. Oddly absent is a discussion of stochastic processes involving the massive loss of capital for LPs caught on the wrong end of a huge high-beta short squeeze. Zero Hedge hopes this interview is not real time, although that sure would explain the abysmally low market liquidity, which will make it easier than stealing a 1987 supercomputer from a baby, for JPM to gun the market a decent 10% into the close, a solid 10 minutes from now.

In a nutshell, Simons (almost) discusses the reduction of his phenomenal geometric, codebreaking, superstring and Higgs Boson knowledge into the generation of P&L. (P for him, L for everyone else.)

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