Thursday, June 25, 2009

Frontrunning: June 25

  • Second derivative promptly trounced: Initial jobless claims pick up again to 627k (Reuters and Bloomberg)
  • Jonathan Weil: Capital One's $549 million man buys back freedom (Bloomberg)
  • ECB favors underground press over helicopter drop (Reuters)
  • Revised GDP allegedly supposed to show much stronger economy (BBC)
  • Treasury yields drop as green shoots exposed to be pure propaganda (Bloomberg)
  • Deep in bedrock, clean energy and quake fears (NYT, h/t Bob)
  • The truth about inflation and jobs (Delta Global)
  • The Bandwidth boom (Entropy Economics)
  • Cap And Trade = Economy Killer (NY Post)
  • Roubini and Parisi-Capone: Regulatory reform: a primer (Forbes)
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