Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mass Layoff Events Continue Accelerating

It was only three months ago when people assumed that the turnaround in BLS' metric for mass layoff events meant an end to something or another. Nope. For the third straight month both mass layoff events and initial claimants for insurance picked up. There is nothing even remotely optimistic about this data... Which probably explains why unlike March when CNBC filled an entire day discussing this brand new datapoint that none of the anchors had heard before, today one would not hear a peep out of them on it. Next month: the 6 month MA gets surpassed on both indications.

Here are my last month's observations.

(P.S. is continue accelerating redundant? acceleration is a second derivative of speed (or whatever, semantics), so if you "continue" does that make it a third? Are third derivatives more potent in their greenshootery/astroturfery than second derivs?)

Source: BLS Sphere: Related Content
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