Friday, June 26, 2009

Intraday News Roundup

  • S&P: 160 global corporate defaults so far in 2009: one a day sounds about on par.
  • ECB share of covered bond purchases is EUR 4.8bln
  • Porsche says negotiations with Qatar approaching final stretch
  • Daimler doesn't want to buy Porsche stake, according to Welt Am Sonntag
  • Citigroup cuts JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) Q2 share view to USD 0.07 vs. Prev. USD 0.11
  • And two for the clown box:
    - Rochdale Securities' Richard Bove cuts Goldman Sachs (GS) 2009 share view to USD 14.95 from USD 15.71
    - Mugabe says Zimbabwe may revive own currency
Lastly an observation: seems the program trading monster has a 15 minute pulse today:

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