Thursday, June 25, 2009

Overalottment: June 25

  • Time to adjust those durable goods numbers? Quantas cancels/defers 30 plane orders (Bloomberg)
  • But all is good: somehow, somewhere Asia sees optimism in more than just efficient market manipulation (Bloomberg)
  • Now they are gunning futures after hours... and this post should technically be in Frontrunning (Market Ticker)
  • Office building in Denver sells for 9% cap rate, below replacement cost (Denverpost, h/t Ian)
  • Plain Vanilla financing could melt bank profits (WSJ)
  • Gerber proves to be just another pawn on the auto task-force's chess board (NYT)
  • Bernanke denies Fed threatened anyone over anything... not that he can remember anything from those long ago days (Reuters)
  • Companies racing to refinance upcoming maturities (WSJ)
  • Truly hilarious blast from the early 2007 past (h/t Andrew)

    hat tip Jesse's Cafe Americain
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