Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blue Light Special: Hedge Fund Secondary Market Update

On January 18 announced the following $10 million blocks for sale:
- SAC Multi Strategy
- Montpellier Resources
- ZLP Offshore

Additionally, an investor with some foresight is bailing out of $6.65 million in Millennium. Another major selling block recently has been a $20 million piece of Elliott International that a seller has been dangling for a while.

On the other side, Ore Hill must have done something right: there is $35 million in bid side interest.

For people new to this whole hedge fund thing, and why archaeologists may be looking for its bones soon enough, read the full scoop here, courtesy of Louise Story of the New York Times (Deathwatch CDS at 962bps) Sphere: Related Content
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direct shares said...

I liked the positive outlook Mr. Griffin showed after a $ 10 billion hedge fund loss and he even lived up to the expectation as the next Warren Buffet when he managed to bring Citadel's funds up to 6% this year. A pull that had once again set him apart from other hedge fund managers.

I never thought of investing in hedge funds because of the current stock market climate and the high risks of investment. But I think I am going to take back what I said and will definitely invest in Citadel. Griffin can really make wonders.