Thursday, January 22, 2009

Midday Trip to Bryant Park One

As we were bored and there is only so much you can stare at MC Cabrera's.... face, we decided to investigate if the rumors of a mass exodus at Bank of Financial Lynch were true. We happened to pass by 133 East 64th and sure enough things seemed like an ordinary Thursday at Bernies.

looks like the media have that one staked out pretty well..

So we continue down to 42nd and Ave of the Bank of Americas...

The facade of the building is as expected, with the bulk of renovation proceeds obviously having been funneled to John Thain's office... Wood panelling instead of glass, and a roof which is still wrapped up in scaffolding

Inside we had expected a ghost town, but contrary to expectations, there seemed to be at least one person on the trading floor:

And the only indication of any raping and pillaging was this undercover cop exchanging donuts with a police guy by the main entrance...

All in all pretty disappointing and a total waste of time.
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