Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ex-Chicagoan Goes Insane, Tries to Light 7 WTC on Fire

In surely a harbinger of many more such episodes to come, Ryan Brinkerhoff, 24, apparently lost his mind last night, and tried to set fire to the 34th floor of 7 World Trade Center. The man, who Linkedin states is currently (or rather was) a Director of contract integration at DRW Trading group, and a 2004 graduate of Metropolitan Community College, flipped out at 3 am when security cameras captured him grabbing a container of cleaning fluid and splashing it on the doors and phones of his DRW office; a Port Authority cop managed to arrest the nutso before he could ignite the fluid.

Ryan was later laughing as he was being led away in handcuffs, asking reporters "Why are you guys taking my picture." We are not surprised that Ryan is insane: in his profile, the guy lists the following as his interests, "whiskey, beer, dining out, hobbies, volleyball, ex-midwesterners, softball, bowling, ex-chicagoans, bicycling, chicago cubs, chicago bears, shar-pei, dog rescue, pets & animals."Anyone who is a fan of the cubs and bears has some serious pathological deviations.
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Anonymous said...

What's wrong with trying to heat up the economy???

Anonymous said...

this post is appalling. the guy is NOT insane. read the news.